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  • Works on any panel - Universal full event sole & dual path cellular &/or IP alarm reporting from any panel brand, virtually anywhere
  • Upgrade accounts' alarm reporting to latest LTE network, Connected by Verizon, for maximum cellular longevity and reliability nationwide, with unique StarLink LTE dual diversity twin antennae design and proven Signal Boost circuitry
  • Easiest, fastest installation in under 10-minutes. Easy activation with auto-dialer capture; Panel-Powered Technology (powered by the panel)
  • Still "Free for All" applications, with professional trade-up, from old radios, old networks, POTs or even on new construction (see details)
  • Dependable, full data reporting to any Central Station nationwide, field-proven reliable, over 5-Million Times/Day (5,000,000+ StarLink alarm and supervisory signals are sent through the UL Napco Network Operations Center every 24 hours)
  • Communicate alarm reports on LTE (Long Term Evolution) for 10+ year cellular life, Connected on Verizon's CAT1 extensively-deployed, cyber-protected multi-billion dollar network
  • Remote On/Off Consumer App
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Upgradeable Communicator
  • Full high-speed control panel upload/download supported on Gemini (Requires cable; #SLE-DLCBL)
  • NOTE- For up/downloading on other brands (ADT/Honeywell/DSC) please see StarLink Connect models,below.)
  • Free Customizable Consumer Tradeup Trifolds/Statement Stuffers
  • COMPLIANCES: UL1610, UL985, UL1023, UL1635

Starlink Starlink Starlink


  • SLE-LTEV Sole Path Burglary Communicator (Black), Cellular &/or IP, Connected by Verizon LTE
  • SLE-LTEVI As above, but dual path, Cellular & IP
  • SLE-LTEV-CB Mercantile Commercial Burglary Model (Metal), Connected Verizon LTE, powered directly from control panel
  • SLE-LTEV-CB-TF Mercantile model as above, but with plug-in AC Transformer, Connected by Verizon LTE
  • SLE-LTEA Also available on AT&T LTE, Sole Path Burglary Communicator
  • SLE-LTEAI Dual Path AT&T LTE version of above
  • SLE-ANTEXT75 Optional extended antenna with 75' (also available w/ 50' or 30' cables)
  • Download SLE-ANTEX Antenna Spec Sheet
  • Free Assorted Resi & Comm'l Trifold Enduser Brochures/Statement Stuffers Designed to help trade-up accounts from landlines or old cell networks.

  Napco StarLink Connect LTE Universal
  Cell/IPCommunicator/ Smart Hub

Universal Cell/IP Radio & Connected Home/Business Hub

  • Easy-to-Install Cell-based Connected Home/Business – Requires No Internet Connection at Premises
  • Upgrade/Takeover Virtually Any Existing Alarm System – Provide the Very Latest Features & the Smartphone Remote Interactive Control Today’s Consumers Want (growing list of major brands, i.e., Honeywell®, DSC®, Napco)
  • Upgrade Accounts' Alarm Reporting to latest LTE network, Connected by Verizon, for maximum cellular longevity and reliability nationwide, with unique dual diversity twin antennae design and Signal Boost circuitry
  • Generous Trade-up Incentive available when you upgrade from old radios, networks, POTs, landlines or new installs (see full details)
  • Use with Your Choice of Favorite Panel Brand(s) & Any Central Station
  • Easy Installation in Minutes & Real Equipment Cost Savings – 5-in-1 Functions from One Unit
  • Full Remote Up/Downloads with Top Brands' Original Panel Program
  • Smart Remote Virtual Keypad & SMS/MMS Text & Live Video Notifications using any/all keypad-bus activities & events - Powered by iBridge® (App on iTunes® & Google Play®)
  • 'Z-Hub Option' Models also include Built-in Z-Wave Device Control Hub for Connected Home/Business and Scenes
  • Free! Customizable Consumer Tradeup Trifold Brochures/ Statement Stuffers, for assorted home or business account types
StarLink Connect LTE Cell/IP Communicator/Smart Hub


SLELTEV-C Universal Alarm Communicator, Connected by Verizon LTE, for cell & IP alarm reporting, Full emulated remote keypad, bus data & full notifications

SLELTEV-Z Same as above, plus built-in Z-Wave control for Connected Home/Biz

SLE-TEV-CBTF-C Mercantile model, in metal locking enclosure with plug in AC transformer, Connected by Verizon LTE

iBridge App w/ Messenger Notifications for Smartphones/devices available on iTunes® or Google Play® for Connected Home Control/Smart Business features and SMS/MMS text/video notifications

FREE Customizable tri-fold brochures for Connected Home (A712) and Assorted Smart Business (A736, A740, A741), download below.

SLE-DLEXT Optional, for up/downloading, extends distance from radio to panel, from 10’ up to 100'

SLE-WIFI-MODULE - Optional plug-in module for connection to the Internet† via a wireless (Wi-Fi) link, eliminating a wired Ethernet cable (for use w/ any StarLink Model)

IBR-TOUCH-WL Optional Touchscreen, 1024 x 600 7" hi-res color for security and optional automation or video control (using StarLink Connect or IBR-ZREMOTE), wireless connectivity, powered by 12VDC adapter, supplied.

IBR-TOUCH similar to above, but with hardwire security connectivity plus WiFi support for Z-Wave & video (using StarLink Connect or IBR-ZREMOTE.)

SLE-ANTEXT75 Optional extended antenna with 75' cable

FireLink FACP

StarLink Fire

Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators: Sole & Dual Path Cellular &/or IP

Starlink FIRE Dual Paddle
  • Universal full event sole path cellular & dual path cellular &/or IP commercial fire alarm reporting from any panel brand, virtually anywhere
  • For use as primary or backup communications on all 12V-24V control panels and FACPs that communicate using Contact ID and 4/2 (such as on legacy panels)
  • Reports to any Central Station nationwide, via dial up or IP
  • Communicate critical life and safety alarm reports on cyber-protected multibillion-dollar cellular nationwide networks, for maximum security & liability protection -- now including LTE for longest cellular lifespan available and Verizon LTE CAT1 for most extensively-deployed network footprint coast-to-coast
  • Unique StarLink LTE dual diversity precision twin antennae design & Signal Boost circuitry ensure greater range & reliability, maximizing signal acquisition and null-avoidance, receiving signals simultaneously on both antennae
  • Easy, flexible installation, activation & online account management
  • Cost-saving models and plans for any code requirement. Substantial savings over monthly dedicated landline charges.
  • Choice of plans (varies by model) – check-ins from 200 seconds, to 5-minutes to 1 hour, Verizon or AT&T®
  • Patented Signal Boost™ signal amplification circuit and high-gain performance antenna for longer range and reliability nationwide
  • Expanded Upgrade Program - incentive for system upgrades from old radios (all makes) and old POTs landlines, as well as new (see full details)
  • NFPA® and UL® Code-Compliant Standard ABS or Mercantile Models in Locking Metal Enclosure
  • CODE COMPLIANT: UL864, 10th Edition, NFPA 72® Editions 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. UL1610, UL985, UL1023; CSFM; NYCFD; LAFD

StarLink Fire LTE Sole & Dual Path Communicators

Mercantile Fire



SLE-LTEVI-FIRE Dual Path Communicator, Cellular &/or IP, connected by Verizon LTE™, ABS. Low current draw, panel-powered technology™ (powered by control panel)

SLE-LTEV-FIRE as above, but sole path cellular model

SLELTEVI-CFB Commercial Fire Dual Path Mercantile model in red metal housing on LTE, Verizon LTE Network, powered directly from control panel

SLETEVI-CFB-PS Commercial Fire Dual Path Mercantile model in red metal housing, LTE, Verizon LTE Network. Direct 120VAC Powered (w/ provisions for backup battery/charger). Or, Optional TRF12 plug-in transformer may be used, where codes permit

SLE-ANTEXT75 Optional extended antenna with 75’ cable (new conical shape), also available -30 and -50 with 30’ and 50’ cables respectively.

FREE TRIFOLDS Commercial Fire ConsumerTradeup Brochures / Mailers/Stuffers (#A720) for new and existing fire accounts


SLE-DLEXT: Optional, as above, for downloading, extends distance to Napco panel up to 100’

TRF12: Optional Plug in AC Transformer, 16.5V / 20VA (use is subject to local code compliance)

SLE-DLCBL: Optional High-Speed Napco Panel Up/download cable

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