Napco Specs


  • Main Control board supports up to (2) Addressable SLCs (Signaling Line Circuit controllers).
  • Fire Addressable SLC Loop Controller
  • Burg Addressable SLC Loop Controller
  • Fire 4-wire bus for keypads and conventional devices
  • Burglary Control Module
  • Provides Isolated Burg 4-wire bus for keypads and conventional devices
  • Provides independent Burg battery connection and charger
  • Provides 12V power
  • Independent Burg Bell output
  • Power Supply includes either 4A or 7A @ 24V
  • Integrates with NAPCO ACM – Access Control Modules
  • RS-232 Printer Module for optional onsite parallel printer
  • Supports a maximum of 15 Keypads, mounted anywhere on the bus, fire GEMC-FK1 or burg. GEMC-BK1. ( 7 fire keypads, max. Or, as few as 1 fire keypad required on fire system or equipment savings.)
  • Addressable SLC Loop Isolator (optional use - for some fire applications requiring increased circuit integrity)
  • Dual Phone Line built in
  • 2 Onboard Serial Ports - One for internet reporting; One for high-speed local downloading
  • TCP/IP Internet reporting module
  • Regulated Auxiliary Power Supplies - Commercial Burglary or fire, 12V regulated 2A or 1.75A version with plug in transfomer
  • Choice of two panel enclosures - Between the studs enclosure, recess or surface mount. Larger version, with reversible door, supports up to 32Ah at 24V. Dimensions: 24" x 14.25" x 5.2" (H x W x D) without cover. Removable battery shelves, accomodate pairs of 7Ah, 7.5Ah and 8Ah batts. etc. Smaller Enclosure – supports 16Ah at 24V. Dimensions: 16" x 14.25" x 5.2" (H x W x D) without cover. (16Ah battery backup capacity).


  • Up to 255 Zones. Points/Zones can come from any of the following initiating devices (in up to 8 partitionable areas):
  • Addressable SLC Loop (Burg or Fire) – supports up to (2) 126 point loops
  • Commercial RF Receiver
  • Supports Commercial Wireless Fire devices
  • Wireless Smoke Detector
  • Wireless Heat Detector
  • Supports Commercial Wireless Burglary devices
  • Wireless PIR Sensor
  • Wireless Dual Technology Sensor
  • Wireless Glass break Sensor
  • Wireless 2-Point Window/Door Transmitter
  • Conventional 1- to 4-zone EZM Expansion modules on the 4-wire burg or fire bus or SLC loops
  • Conventional 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detector input module
  • Addressable SLC Fire Devices Supported:
  • Analog Smoke Detector
  • Heat Detector
  • Duct Detector
  • Pull Station
  • Conventional Zone Module
  • Short Circuit Isolator
  • Addressable SLC Burg Devices Supported:
  • 1 Zone Burg Input Module
  • 4 Zone Burg Input modules
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Dual Tech Microwave/PIR Sensor


Up to 96 outputs

  • Four on board Class B or 2 Class A NAC circuits, 2 amps each, total 6.5 amps at 24V
  • Built in Wheelock and System Sensor NAC sync/strobe/horn protocol allows initial silence of audible appliances while maintaining visual notification, without the use of additional modules.
  • Addressable SLC Fire Devices: Supervised relay, unsupervised relay
  • Addressable SLC Burg Devices: unsupervised relay
  • Burg/Fire 4-wire bus devices: 8 zone form C relay (GEMC-RM3008), 8 open collector output (GEMC-OUT8)

Napco Commercial Platform Advantages

  • Easy Wire Compatibility -SLC controller supports shielded, unshielded, twisted and untwisted wire - ideal for retrofits
  • Longer SLC loop lengths, support more device load each, too
    (see below for distance at maximum device load in alarm/standby each)
  • 10,000ft. #14AWG 6,200ft #16AWG 4,000 ft. #18AWG
  • Support for Legacy and Existing Notification Appliances - One NAC output configurable for 12V for easy retrofit compatibility
    UL Regulated NAC outputs
  • Automatic drift compensation for system's analog smoke detectors
  • Separate 7A NAC Extender – (4) NAC's, may be installed anywhere on the 4-wire bus. Provides universal FACP support.
  • Keypads mount anywhere on the bus and have flash-able firmware – for updates via Quickloader
  • Smoke Obsuration Report -Quickloader device sensitivity report allows the printout of a report for the AHJ listing the current status of all analog smoke detectors in the system including the programmed obscuration level for each device and the actual sensitivity reading for each device. Report is generated in 3 ways- either remotely (uploaded) or locally through notebook PC or use optional onsite printer.
  • Isolated backup battery circuits for Burglary and Fire for EZ backup calculation and AHJ compliance; allows dealer to accommodate separate backup times for burg and fire. This allows burg system to drop out after burg battery depletion, while fire system is maintained and extremely stable for extended period.
  • Full line of UL Commercial Devices for more flexibility & labor-savings Example, Use Gemini Commercial Wireless 2-input module (GEMC-WL-WD2) to convert any UL listed device into a UL wireless device, ideal for sprinkler supervisories or for use with pull stations (mounts on top of wall/conduit or in deep sngle-gang box (plastic).

Firewolf Fire-Only 24V Intelligent Addressable Fire Configuration, NFPA72

  • Main Control board - supports (1) Addressable Fire SLC controller
  • Fire 4-wire bus for keypads and conventional devices
  • Power Supply 7A and 4A
  • RS-232 Printer Module
  • Fire Keypad with Gemini-style Menu-functionality
  • Dual Phone Line built in; Synch module built in (System Sensor & Wheelock protocols)

Firewolf 32-Point Conventional Kit for Sprinkler/Waterflow (See ordering info.)

NAC Extender - Powerful flexibility

  • Nearly 7Amps power
  • 4 onboard NACs with up to 2A ea., expandable for up to 24 per system
  • Up to 16Ah total battery capacity
  • Regulated 24V Aux. power
  • Distributes synched bell and strobe outputs with built-in module
  • Monitors AC, battery trouble, tamper and ground fault on Napco bus -or- provides universal FACP support.

Gemini-C Burglary-Only Configuration, Commercial Conventional/ Addressable 96-Zone System

  • Supports full line of new GEMC Commercial-rated addressable, conventional or wireless devices simultaneously
  • 8 to 96 fully-configurable zones, with up to 7 partitions
  • Familiar Napco Quickloader up/downloading and keypad operation
  • Dual line DACT on board


NFPA 72, UL Commercial Fire, UL864 9th Ed., SIA CP01, UL985. UL household & commercial burg.: UL1610, UL609, UL365, UL1023. NYC FD; CSFM (fire).

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