StarLink Cellular Communicators Training at the NCESA Show

StarLink Cellular Communicators Training StarLink Connect: Add remoted services to you existing Napco, DSC or Honeywell customers and increase you RMR. StarLink Connect is your super simple, economical go-to solution when replacing landlines and adding remote services. StarLink Fire: Economical go-to solution for all your fire alarm monitoring applications. Code Compliant UL and NFPA72, and flexible plans to choose from to suit any AHJ or application. StarLink Security & StarLink Commercial Most cost effective solution to monitor your security customers. For Intrusion Accounts, great on/off consumer App. Mercantile (metal) models for you higher security applications. Rebates $100.00 Rebate applied to your StarLink Account for every StarLink unit you activate. (Certain rules apply) StarLink is your super simple, economical go-to solution when replacing landlines or older cell units, and with $100 back on all model it's the Ideal Radio Replacement. We'll show you how to easily install and connect to panels using Contact ID or 4/2, with Universal StarLink Alarm Communicators, now for Intrusion or Sole or Dual Path Fire (Cell &/or IP), at the very lowest equipment cost. Free for Intrusion Models, and under $29.95net for StarLink Fire or StarLink Connect. Easily install in minutes. Super speedy activation online and account management 24/7. Bonus: High-speed downloading with Napco, DSC & Honeywell Panels, too. Broad nationwide coverage - Choice of Verizon CDMA or AT&T networks (LTE Coming Soon)

Starlink training at the NCESA

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