PRIMA! The Smarter All-In-One Security System and FireLink, the All-in-One Cloud Based Fire System.

Thu 10/5 8:30-4:00

Napco introduces Prima: The Smarter All-in-One System, with revolutionary 5-Minute Install, for adding more residential RMR-Accounts/Day than ever possible - ”Installers Optional”. Have your salesperson put it in, while he’s already there, or ship it and do it along with your customer, remotely. With Prima’s built-in step-by-step, on-screen setup videos, it’s so easy, they can do it themselves. Put an end to Labor Backlogs and Maximize Accounts! The 7” Prima® Super Panel for Security/Fire/Video & Automation features a 5-Step Wizard, and one-button “Go-Live” Central Station-Connect. Preventing costly truck-rolls, Smart Self-Healing Wi-Fi Video & Doorbells with AI, keep actively fixing any network connectivity issues for you, behind the scenes. All the while, you stay in control & up to date, in real -time with Prima’s unbeatable team of all-new powerful backend & mobile dealer dashboard plus nicer, lower monthly costs for full interactive services & advanced dual WiFi + cellular communications.

FireLink / XL 255 Cloud Programing All-in-One FACP Cloud-based programming allows FireLink & XL 255 FACPs to be programmed from any smart device or tablet, using easy drop-down menus (no special software, training or laptop required) and adds ease of expanding and customizing the programming and panel across its max. 32 - 255 zones, using any mix of conventional, addressable &/or wireless devices

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