Gemini Access

Easily add-on access control to Gemini panels – affordable access and security in one

  • Seamless Integration with Gemini Control Panels GEMP3200, P9600, X255; easily programmed with Napco Quickloader (single site programming and shared database)
  • Supports HID & Gemini Prox Cards and Readers (both offered in money-saving kits
  • Optional PCD-Manager enduser software for corporate security or personnel departments, etc. Easy-to-use enduser Windows-based package for account management and self-maintenance provides limited enduser account control: Manage database of both alarm users and up to 1000 access control cardholders, logs, schedules, access groups, etc.(see sidebar).
  • Plug and play - GEM-ACCESS comes ready with its own enclosure, power supply (aux. for prox readers and mag locks) and battery backup. (GEM-ACMID)
  • Fast card processing transaction speeds
  • Easily expandable by-door with affordable GEM-2D Plug-in PCBs

Gem-Access' PCD-Manager enduser software for client security/personnel departments

  • Increases ID cardholder capacity to 1000
  • Enables you to offer your accounts optional Windows-based software to give their security and/or personnel departments limited control of their premises’ alarm and access systems and authorized users, while safeguarding your system configurations, dealer codes, account ID's, central station number, etc. safely away from view. Plus, dealers can personalize the look of the account's software to represent their company, including options for uploading alarm company logos, website, tech support contact info., etc. with easy-to-use dealer customization utility built in.
  • Easy account self-management interface for routine tasks
  • Easy personnel management for both alarm users (keypad user codes) & ID access cardholders
  • Importing text file names/data
  • Viewing event logs
  • Create and manage up to 195 access groups via intuitive drop-down menus and helpful screens
  • Assign users and/or access groups to easy-to-set schedules with pop-up calendar selections, drop-down menus, etc.
  • Report Print Manager - Alarm system users/info., cardholders, scheduled events, holidays & logs.
  • Easy PCD-Manager link to panel via all standard Napco download modes (locally via serial COM port; remotely via telco line or remotely via TCP/IP network)
Napco Access
Stand Alone Access
Gemini Access

Supports HID or Gemini prox cards & peaders

GEM-PX Gemini Prox Reader with Alarm Status Indicators featured with cards and readers in GEM-1DKIT
  • Economical, attractive, weatherproof reader with unique alarm system status leds on face – Access the door and disarm the system with a card!
  • LED indicators enable users to know alarm system status before arming/disarming system with prox card Purchase individual GEM-PX affordable proprietary reader supporting economical GEM-PXC proprietary Gemini Prox Cards – or – HID Card/reader kit GEM-1DITKA
  • Napco's GEM-Access HID Kit complete with HID reader built-in GEM-PX1326, enabling you to get both Gemini alarm system LED status while supporting standard HID 1326 Cards.
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