NAPCO introduces our indoor/outdoor digital keypad with a highly-advanced and accurate optical biometric fingerprint reader for integrated control of any Gemini security system or as state-of-the-art standalone access control use for alarm systems, garage door operator control, lighting, etc. with relay activation.

Increases the security of the system

Biometric ambush feature sends silent alarms. Use pre-selected and enrolled finger to silently call the police during push ins and robberies

Users. System supports 100 biometric fingerprints as individual as you are, and can be mapped to Panel User Codes for logging who armed/disarmed.

Eliminates code pass-along. With children or employee-turnover – you can't pass along a fingerprint!

Tamper-proof. Alarm is tripped if the reader is ripped from the building

Feature-rich, flexible and convenient

External device control. To control garage doors, lighting and more

Rugged & durable. Metal keypad is weather and vandal-resistant

Convenient. No keys or cards to carry, no codes to memorize and remember

Single finger use. One touch of a finger arms/disarms the system and/or activates relay groups. Send a silent alarm in ambush/duress situation simply using a different finger.

No lost keys by children. No code pass-along, or other children looking over the child’s shoulders and memorizing their code

Perfect for the elderly. No codes to remember, no fumbling with keys

Residential alarm and garage door control. Only users enrolled in the reader can operate the electric garage door, alarm and lighting system. Ideal for walking around the neighborhood and not having to carry a house key. Your finger is the key!

Perfect for commercial applications such as:

  • gate control and parking lot access
  • restricted access to sensitive pharmaceuticals, weapons, supplies and more.
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