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New StarLink "Free For All" Program Debuts - Old POTs, Radios & New Installs Now Included

Amityville, NY – Napco Security Technologies, renowned for developing innovative technology and reliable security solutions for security professionals, has just super-sized their StarLink Tradeup Incentive with the new "Free For All" Program, reenergized, post-sunset, to suit every dealer looking to reduce equipment costs on each and every installation. The Company's new program, kicking off Jan 1, 2017, now includes communication tradeup incentives applicable to old POTs landlines, old radios of all makes, and now, even for new installations! With new "Free for All", StarLink Verizon Network Certified or AT&T Intrusion Radios are FREE after the $100 Tradeup incentive ($100 savings on 99.95USD sugg. price), while StarLink Fire Universal FACP Communicators start at just $29.95USD net.

Proven to work virtually anywhere in the US, and now even in Canada, on the nation's largest cyber-protected multibillion dollar networks, Verizon or AT&T, StarLink also sports today’s top features, while universally supporting any alarm panel reporting in Contact ID and 4/2. StarLink Radios have risen to the top of their class, proven easiest to use, with 4-wire installation, no extra power supply, and automatic dialer-capture; where dealers just enter the Radio ID. And, full data StarLink reliably communicates, primary or backup, from virtually anywhere to the dealers’ choice of Central Station, without requiring any special equipment or activation fee. Plus, while upgrading communications, dealers can use the opportunity to reach out and enhance their customers’ experience, with easy remote App convenience, enabling accounts to see status and turn their system on or off, right from their smartphone.

Likewise, the StarLink Free For All Program, can save dealers $100 off on each and every StarLink model, including NFPA72/UL-Compliant StarLink Fire Sole & Dual Path Cellular/IP Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators that offer any FACP / Panel brand Fire Alarm Account a big savings over leased landlines, and the fire dealer a new source of RMR.

For more on StarLink Communications Solutions, a free training class or for full details on new "Free For All" program, visit, call Napco at 1.800.645.9445 or ask at any distributor in North America.

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