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New! StarLink Fire® LTE Commercial Fire Cell/IP Communicators Protect Fire Alarm Accounts & Create New Dealer RMR Stream

StarLink Fire LTEAmityville, NY – Napco Security Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce its StarLink Fire® LTE Universal Commercial Fire Cellular Communicators, each replacing two FACP POTs landlines, are now available with Verizon LTE® service, for reliability, longevity and incremental RMR from fire accounts, for cellular reporting of any brand fire alarm system. Easy to install and afford, from $29.95net, their Panel-Powered Technology, eliminates power supplies to buy, install and pipe, so StarLink Fire LTE ensures a fast installation for any 12V or 24V FACP under 15-minutes. Additionally, dealers can keep fire accounts protected for the long run, as the new LTE® (Long Term Evolution) promises the longest cellular lifespan, over 10+years, & StarLink Fire LTE models use Verizon® LTE CAT1, the most extensively-deployed LTE Network nationwide, for the best, fastest coast-to-coast coverage.

The popular, leading line of StarLink Fire Cell Communicators, in sole or dual path Cell/IP, still feature Napco’s long-standing $100 Trade-up Offer on all models, for trading up from old radios, old networks or even on new installations, for a net equipment cost on StarLink Fire, from under $30, and easy unlimited signal plans with check-ins from 200 seconds to 6 hours. Engineered for proven StarLink dependability, even where other's won't work, they feature Signal Boost circuitry and new unique dual diversity, precision LTE twin antennae design to ensure greater range & reliability, maximizing signal acquisition and null-avoidance, receiving signals simultaneously on both antennae.

A win-win for the bottom-line of both the dealer and the Fire Alarm customer, StarLink Fire Communicators remain the low-cost, dependable solution for retaining &/or taking-over any brand fire alarm account old or new. Using StarLink Fire the dealer eliminates the FACP's need for expensive, increasingly scarce leased phone company landlines, while still meeting fire code, NFPA 72, UL, CSFM, NYCFD, LAFD and more. This can save accounts up to $1000's/year vs. 2 landlines/FACP, while earning the dealer new RMR and higher-retention rates, as they replace the phone company and old leased POTs lines, with their own cellular reporting services.

Available at all Napco Distributors nationwide, for more on the StarLink Fire LTE Fire Communicators standard or mercantile models or the StarLink Free for All Trade-up incentive offer or Free Customizable Trade-up Trifold Mailers, visit or contact Napco at 1.800.645.9445.

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