iBridge® Connected Home/Businesses Services App, Connect Hub, Touchscreen & Cameras

Control Security, Video & Smart Automation from any smart device or new iBridge Touchscreen, including SMS/MMS Notifications. For smart home or business, interface video cameras and your choice of Z-Wave IoT devices with StarLink Connect Communicator's built in hub with multi-brand panel support or use iBridge Modules for Gemini panels. Three all-new iBridge Cameras offer hi-res, onboard storage, super easy enrollment, WAP-free convenience and two-way voice or the exterior dome cam also has POE option. Also ask about new iBridge Video Door Bell.

Z-Wave Device Control is universally provided by StarLink Connect® Cell/IP Communicator/Hub, or for Gemini Systems with iBridge Z-Remote (hardwire or wireless)

Napco No-Roll Customer Service Calls & Service Enhancements. With iBridge, editing and adding Z-Wave devices is made easy, and uniquely remote-configurable by dealers from their own smart devices, smart phone or iPad/tablets. No trucks need to be rolled to amend security system or Z-Wave device settings, scenes or schedules. Cloud-backup utility -Keep a complete backup for account's Z-wave device names, scenes, triggered events & scheds.

iBridge Automated
Z-Wave Device Smart Controls, More Convenient for Accounts & Dealers by Design
: iBridge home controls including indoor and outdoor lights, dimmers, thermostats, locks and small appliances operate using Z-Wave, a proven, wireless mesh networking technology that is a standard in wireless home control. Devices can be manually activated, locally or remotely, and set to respond with custom scenes, schedules or occupancy, ie, when a room is entered lights light, temperature is increased, etc. (even when the system is disarmed.) Anytime a custom scene is created a button with the same name is automatically added to the Scenes Screen, so that it can later be manually activated at will, too.

New! iBridge Touchscreen for Smart Home/Business Automation & Video

iBridge Touchscreen
  • Thin slim-profile touchscreen for wall-mounted control of security system and/or smart automation, integrating video, z-wave locks, lights, temp & small appliances*
  • 7" Color full-screen TFT high-resolution capacitive display (1024 x 600) & High-speed, ultra responsive, quad core processor
  • SECURITY Easy icons for Arm/Disarm/Stay/Away or full function conventional keypad mode, for all top panel brands, Napco, ADT®/Honeywell®, DSC®
  • SMART AUTOMATION/IOT for homes or business, integrates with StarLink Connect Universal Communicator/Hub or IBR-ZRemote for Z-Wave control*, using standard z-wave devices, providing enhanced range performance
  • MULTIVIEW VIDEO Optional iBridge Video™ integration* for 6-Camera on premises viewing, including fingertip scroll and zoom control (also supports iSee Video)
  • Matches new & improved iBridge App for smart phones & devices
  • Easy firmware updates activated on screen
  • Clean, simple design blends with most decor
  • Hardwire or wireless models with 12V plug-in transformer (supplied)

Ordering Information

  • IBR-TOUCH Standard Touchscreen Model
  • IBR-TOUCH-WL Wireless Model
  • IBR-ZREMOTE: Bus-Mount Module for remote control, up/download of security system, plus control of Z-Wave devices, lights, locks, thermostats, etc.
  • IBR-WIFI-MOD: Wireless Panel Interface, communicates between Internet, Gemini Control Panel and IBR Touchscreen, when NO remote services are used (Note: For remote services, use the IBR-ZREMOTE or IREMOTE-MOD Remote Control Module).
  • IREMOTE-MOD: Bus-mount remote control module, for remote panel services without Z-Wave automation option.
  • Also See iBridge Video Cameras below

    Napco StarLink Connect

Universal Cell/IP Radio & Connected Home/Business Hub

  • Easy-to-Install Cell-based Connected Home/Business – Requires No Internet Connection at Premises
  • Upgrade/Takeover Virtually Any Existing Alarm System – Provide the Very Latest Features & the Smartphone Remote Interactive Control Today’s Consumers Want (growing list of major brands, i.e., Honeywell®, DSC®, Napco)
  • Upgrade Accounts' Alarm Reporting from older networks to choice of Verizon Network Certified® or AT&T®
  • Generous Trade-up Incentive available when you upgrade from old radios, networks, POTs, landlines or new installs (see full details)
  • Use with Your Choice of Favorite Panel Brand(s) & Any Central Station
  • Choice of Verizon Network Certified® or AT&T® Network Models, for reliable alarm/emergency reporting via Nation's multibillion-dollar cellular networks for maximum security & liability protection
  • Easy Installation in Minutes & Real Equipment Cost Savings – 5-in-1 Functions from One Unit
  • Full Remote Up/Downloads with Top Brands' Original Panel Program
  • Smart Remote Virtual Keypad & SMS/MMS Text & Live Video Notifications using any/all keypad-bus activities & events - Powered by iBridge® (App on iTunes® & Google Play®)
  • 'Z-Hub Option' Models also include Built-in Z-Wave Device Control Hub for Connected Home/Business and Scenes




SLE-CDMA-C: Universal Dual Path Alarm Communicator, Cellular CDMA, Verizon Network Certified®, Full emulated remote keypad, bus data & full notifications

SLE-CDMA-Z: Same as above, plus built-in Z-Wave control for Connected Home/Business

SLELTEV-Z: Same as above, on Verizon® LTE network

SLE-GSM-3/4G-C: Universal Dual Path Alarm Communicator, GSM on AT&T® Network, Full emulated remote keypad, bus data & full notifications (Note: Use AT&T® Network models for coverage in Canada)

SLE-GSM-3/4G-Z: Same as above, plus built-in Z-Wave control for Connected Home/Business

SLELTEA-Z: Same as above, on AT&T® LTE network

SLE-DLCBL: For use with Gemini™ panels only, Napco up/download cable, sold separately

SLE-DLEXT: Optional, for up/downloading, extends distance from radio to panel, from 10' up to 100'

IBRIDGE APP w/ MESSENGER: App for Smartphones/devices available on iTunes® or Google Play® for Connected Home/Business Control features and iBridge Messenger™ SMS/MMS Notifications

SLE-WIFI-MODULE: Optional plug-in module for connection to the Internet via a wireless (Wi-Fi) link, eliminating a wired Ethernet cable (for use w/ any StarLink Model)

iBridge Video

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